Privacy policy

This is Evidens’s privacy policy description in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/99).

Evidens Oy
Annankatu 28
00100 Helsinki
puh. +358 10 835 1000

Essi Eloholma-Tuura
Annankatu 28
00100 Helsinki
puh. +358 40 577 0322

Name of data file
The marketing register of Evidens Oy.

Regular sources of data

The data file contains information from these sources: the Client is or has been a customer of Evidens Oy, has used Evidens Oy’s services, has had conversations with Evidens or its representative, has given their contact information to Evidens (eg. subscribing to newsletters, participating in lotteries), has attended Evidens Oy’s events or events Evidens has been involved in. It also contains information from any publicly available databases or sources on the internet.

Purpose of processing personal data

Personal information may be used for the following purposes:

• Analyzing and profiling network traffic
• Evidens Oy’s marketing, advertising, sales and / or direct marketing.

Data file content

The data file may contain the following information:

• Name
• Email address
• Phone number
• Company and job title
• Company address information
• Information on newsletter subscription and website behaviour
• Analysis and profiling
• Data on contact requests and offers

Data transfer

The personal data in the Marketing Register is only available to Evidens Oy, except when Evidens Oy is using an external service provider, either to provide a value-added service or to support a credit decision. However, the information will not be disclosed outside Evidens Oy or to its partners for personal use, except in matters related to credit applications, collecting or invoicing, as well as legal requirements. Personal data will not be transferred outside the European Union unless it is necessary to ensure the technical implementation of Evidens Oy or its partner.

Right to verify your information

Based on the Personal Data Act 26 §, users have the right to check what kind of personal data has been collected. The request has to be made in written format and it must be sent to contact person mentioned on this policy. One request per year per user can be processed without any costs.

In addition, based on the Personal Data Act 29 §, user has the right to request for modification or removal of any incorrect or outdated personal data. Written request for modifying the data has to be sent to contact person mentioned on this policy.

Our Customer Service will answer any questions and feedback related to the data file within two weekdays.

Deleting data

Evidens will delete personal data at the Client’s request or due to the end of newsletter subscription.

Principles of protecting the data file

All personal data will remain confidential. Evidens Oy’s data network and equipment where the file is are protected by the firewall and other required security systems.

Right of prohibition

The Client has the right to prohibit disclosure and handling of its data for direct marketing and other promotional purposes.


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