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Do you know how much employee satisfaction and customer experiences affect your growth and bottom line? Is something in your leadership or corporate culture stopping you from reaching more? How much could you increase average purchases by enhancing the customer experience? Customer and employee experiences are often researched, but not necessarily cross-referenced.

We have developed a simple research method and effective tools that can help your business grow. Our Business Insight instruments make it easy to track and verify how staff and customer actions affect your key business metrics. These instruments are especially useful for management teams.

The insights we gather from your employee and customer experience are combined with your financial numbers. Full visibility into your operations allows you to take strategic action for the future of your business.

Business Insight instruments and development: what are the benefits?

  • See how your customer and employee experiences correlate with your financial metrics
  • React proactively to upcoming changes that would affect your profits
  • Manage all levels of staff and corporate culture strategically
  • Acquire crucial information about the fulfilment of your brand promise at the staff and customer interface level

The instruments are robustly linked into your strategy and operations, because metrics alone do not guarantee enlightenment or even any improvement. But when the measurement and verification protocols are built on your business strategy, the results can be fully leveraged to develop your business, corporate culture and management.

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Johanna Toivonen
Insight Director
Antti Tjäderhane
Technical Manager
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Mystery shopping is a research method that is used to measure service quality and promote staff competence. It reveals whether your customer promise is kept and how various touchpoints conform to your service concept.

Mystery shopping is one of the most effective quality indicators for sales and service schemes. Mystery shopping is an excellent way to see how consumers experience your products, services, story and brand in a real-world setting.

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