Mystery shopping


Mystery shopping is an observational research method that is used to measure service quality and promote staff competence. It is an excellent way to see how consumers experience your products, services, story and brand.

Mystery shopping is one of the most effective quality indicators for sales and service schemes. By measuring and verifying your customer and employee experience, you have access to reliable, actionable information on the quality of your service concept, customer service and processes.

Mystery shopping gives your staff unbiased customer feedback that is rooted in your business objectives. This feedback can help your sales and service staff reach their full potential and excel in their work.

How can mystery shopping benefit your business?

  • Mystery shopping provides objective, customer-level information about the implementation of your service concept.
  • You can test the quality of your customer service at various points in the purchase journey.
  • You will gain important information about the fulfilment of your brand promise during customer interactions.
  • The information acquired will help you lead and improve customer service as well as develop your service concept.

Our mystery shoppers are trained professionals who visit, call or interact online exactly as ordinary customers would. This guarantees a genuine service experience and an objective review. We provide mystery shopping services to our customers in Finland, Scandinavia and the Baltics.

Would you like to discover your company’s true level of customer service with the help of a mystery shopper? Are you interested in learning what retailers have to say about your products? Do you want to study and improve your customer experience?

Would you like to become a mystery shopper?

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Mystery shopper recruitment
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Mystery shopping
Hanna Halmela
Insight Manager
Mystery shopping
Essi Eloholma-Tuura
Project Coordinator
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Our Business Insight instruments make it easy to track, verify and project how staff and customer actions affect your key business metrics.

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